Luna.Tech is committed to supporting local Kosciusko County businesses and part of that is accomplished by partnering with brands dedicated to sharing our community’s voice like Clearly Kosciusko®.

We jumped at the chance to partner with Clearly Kosciusko® because we share the same goals in seeing our county thrive.

Clearly Kosciusko® is a county-wide brand created in partnership between the Lilly Center for Lakes & StreamsKosciusko County Convention and Visitors BureauKosciusko Chamber of Commerce, and the Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation. It provides resources to residents and visitors throughout Kosciusko County.

Seeking a weekend getaway, an educational day trip, or a place to book a business conference? Clearly Kosciusko® will connect you with the right resource.

In short, Clearly Kosciusko® tells a story of unity. It is designed to craft a sense of place, pull all corners of the county together, and encourage residents and visitors to participate in the story. Whether you are a lifelong homeowner or overnight guest, you are invited to play, learn, and grow alongside us.

Do you own or work for a local business in our community?
Support our local community by partnering with Clearly Kosciusko®.
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